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ØPALS - "Middle of the Night"

ØPALS’ new single, “Middle of the Night,” is a flawless illustration of that euphoric relief when the darkness of mental illness fades.

ØPALS is an alternative pop project featuring Ale Gibson. The singer/songwriter describes “Middle of the Night” as showing the best version of yourself. Their unique vocals are a perfect match for the bouncy instrumentals and inspiring lyrics in this track. Ale and producer Nigel Seibert originally collaborated as a duo to create several sub genres of pop.

Written as a reflection of their own battle with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety, ØPALS sets a mood of feeling free. I can imagine this being in a coming-of-age film, but it will easily resonate with people of all ages.

They explain that, “‘shining bright in the middle of the night’ represents overcoming the darkness that is mental illness.” As someone who also struggles with this, I’ve noticed that when experiencing prolonged dimness, having just a second of light feels so magical and you appreciate it even more than you would if you got to live in that brightness all the time.

You can hear “Middle of the Night” as well as their debut single, “Better” on streaming services now! Follow ØPALS to stay connected and enjoy what I’m sure will be a fantastic journey for them.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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