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Annie Scherer - "My Mind"

Alt-pop artist Annie Scherer’s new single, “My Mind,” beautifully conveys the experience of being alone in knowing the truth, and how that makes for a skewed reality.

Hauntingly vivid vocals fluently illustrate the enchanting lyrics in “My Mind.” Annie explains that, “it is about being the only one who knows the truth and question reality for knowing it.” This track is magnetic and executed so skillfully that not only will listeners connect with the words and story, but they’ll also understand the emotions depicted through the striking instrumentation. Annie shared with us a unique method used during the recording process, “to achieve the electric guitar’s heavy reverb, we put a microphone inside a washing machine with an amp pointing into it.

Annie’s first full length album, Garden Bed (2021), was self-written and produced. Impressively, she performs the trumpet, piano, guitar, ukulele, and arranged the string quartet scores. Her songwriting feels like eloquent poetry that is accompanied by brilliant production. She creates the type of music that makes you really pause and pay attention because you’re completely submerged in the beauty of it all.

Annie Scherer is definitely one to keep on your radar. Follow her below:

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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