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Ask Jonesy & Company - “Burning Fire”

Wild debut single “Burning Fire” from Ask Jonesy & Company is here!

Ask Jonesy & Company is the joining of 3 young artists/musicians, and their incredible backing band, who are flawlessly embracing rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a natural fit for Troy Romzek, Ricky Ficarelli and Leo Howard; they’ve successfully created a solid sound + image for themselves.

Full force from the start, “Burning Fire” is built on rousing vocals that give life to striking lyrics about attraction and desire for someone who has the ability to ignite a spark within you. The thrilling instrumentals are an infusion of classic elements that cultivate a fun and energetic vibe. They are multifaceted, and “Burning Fire” provides a shining glimpse of their music-savvy; easily fuels the craving for more.

This is the kind of track I’m constantly searching for here on UMP. It’s bold and refreshing but still reminiscent of what I listened to growing up. They have definitely found their place in the music scene; offering tunes that a wide variety of people will enjoy.

Check out the “Burning Fire” music video to get a visual sense of who Ask Jonesy & Company is:

Note from AJ & Co: “we want the fans to know we worked together in the studio, played multiple secret shows & spent almost a year behind the scenes getting the dynamic/sound/feel of this band just right. We didn’t rush this thing! There’s obvious deep influences of rock ‘n’ roll & blues, but we also love pop (when done right!) … We’ll be releasing a follow-up single in July that shows a more emotional side of the group with a ballad-type feel.”

After bringing so much electricity with their debut single, I’m beyond stoked for what’s next!


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