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Craig Stickland - "Enemy"

Singer/songwriter Craig Stickland is back with his stunning new single, “Enemy.” It’s passionately personal, and you can feel every bit of pain, heartache, and raw honesty.

“Enemy” follows Stickland’s sensational debut album, “Starlit Afternoon,” which was released earlier this year. Featuring gorgeous piano instrumentals, this track is written with such vulnerability. Expressing the moment of heartbreak when you realize it’s over, knowing that you’re going to hold on to the memories, while they’re probably going to try to forget.

Beginning with the lines, “look at everything we’ve lost / taking shape in the ways we’re moving on,” sets the emotionally charged tone. Acknowledging that you understand, but also asking not to end on bad terms, and to not be viewed as an enemy.

There is a great deal of depth to “Enemy,” and the lyricism is so elegant and poised. Stickland’s gripping, powerful, and sultry voice has captured the attention of many throughout the past few years. His immense talent shines in this piece and its simplistic beauty.

We have been dazzled by Craig Stickland since 2016, and continue to be left speechless by how remarkable he is. He’s one of those artists that absolutely touches your soul and makes you feel with his music. There are few people I have been more impressed by.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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