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Goldkey – “Faster”

Goldkey has quickly become a favorite here on UMP, and we’re thrilled to present his third single, “Faster.”

With a gentle introduction leading into lyrics that radiate patience and acceptance, “Faster” emphasizes the often underrated concept of not being so focused on rushing to the finish line; simply put, “enjoy the ride.” In the reflective way that I’ve come to admire about Goldkey, he expresses how he became enlightened, and in turn is sharing that beautiful new perspective with those who listen.

The overall sound in “Faster” is wistful, and I’m sure it can be agreed upon that Goldkey successfully accomplished being able to bring an appreciation for the journey; a subtle motivation. I gravitated towards, “but look beyond the circus, there’s a bottom line. All I ever needed was a thousand signs.” Which lyric resonated with you the most?

Faster” will be available on Spotify and Apple Music 3/2

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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