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Headspace – “Feel Something”

Headspace is a 3-piece emo pop-punk band from Phoenix, AZ with Derek Matzinger (vocals/guitar), Zach Rabago (bass/vocals) and Teddy Hornung (drums/vocals). Their new single “Feel Something” is the fourth release from them this year, with more still to come.

The band described this song best when referring to it as an “emo love song”. Falling in love can be overwhelming, and honestly a little bit scary. “Feel Something” perfectly acknowledges the common experience of wanting to flee from those emotions. I particularly enjoy how the instrumentals give off a thrilling vibe that’s exceptionally fitting for the track’s message. “Feel Something” is relatable, while also remaining personal and specific to each individual that listens.

Their music reminds me so much of the pop-punk I used to listen to in 2008, and I couldn’t be happier about the nostalgia. With that being said, Headspace has created a uniqueness with their music that really allows them to stand out.

Currently, Headspace is heading to LA to record their first full band EP with Oh, Weatherly’s Blake Roses. If you’re not already excited, a few other people expected to touch the EP include: Jon Lundin (Point North), Reece Clark (Oh, Weatherly) and Luc Gauthier (Calling All Captains). We can hopefully anticipate a late winter or early spring 2020 release!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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