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Nat radiates inner strength and empowering energy in her latest single, “DREAM FUEL.”

Described as “glitz-pop,” Nat’s music provides motivation that is perfect for when you’re needing a bit of a push to keep going. “DREAM FUEL” is an anthem that is all about pursuing your big dreams and letting your ambition propel you. Nat’s vocals are strong, beautiful, and comforting. It’s easy to connect with her and feel like you’re listening to a friend.

I started taking songwriting more seriously when I realized I could implement manifestation within my lyrics. For me, it’s like writing in a journal, only better, because now when someone sings along to my song, not only are they manifesting for me, but also for themselves.

It’s important to practice positive self-talk, as you should always be your biggest cheerleader. Nat expresses that you can know you still have moves to make to reach your goals, but be sure to take time to acknowledge how younger you would feel about where you are right now. “DREAM FUEL” is such an encouraging and inspiring reminder to work hard for what you want in life, but also remembering to reflect on where you came from.

It’s very refreshing to hear an uplifting message when we’re exposed to negative and upsetting information so often. We definitely feel ready to seize the day, week, month and year after hearing this track. “DREAM FUEL” is off of Nat’s upcoming sophomore album TWENTYTWO. Be sure to check her out at the links below to stay connected!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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