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Talon David - "Heart's Mirage"

Talon David’s new single, “Heart’s Mirage,” is the epitome of poetic, colorful songwriting where you happily get lost in the magical, enchanting world that it creates.

Chills and goosebumps were induced the moment Talon’s gorgeous vocals began in the first line of “Heart’s Mirage.” Her voice truly exudes something special, and the overall arrangement is absolutely stunning - these elements flow together harmoniously.

Talon explains that this song is about, “the dream of finding love. It's a love song to the figment of your imagination that gives you hope that one day, surely one day, you'll find what you're looking for.” Talon was able to put into words an intimate emotion that many of us have felt at least once. The thoughtful, illustrative lyricism is powerfully captivating:

But I pulled you from the movies and the pages that romanticize what goes on in our heads

Though I know you don't exist, am I crazy to say thinking of you makes me feel less dead?

When the world is a desert, you are my heart's mirage

We were already impressed by Talon after listening to the track, but then we learned that everything she releases is written, sung, produced, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered by herself. Having that variety of knowledge is an incredible accomplishment on its own, but the fact that she does it all insanely well on top of that blows our minds. “Heart’s Mirage” also features Ceskie’s breathtaking violin contribution, which Talon reveals helped make the song possible.

“Heart’s Mirage” is the first single off of Talon David’s sophomore album set for release in 2023. If you enjoyed the track, follow Talon at the links below so you don’t miss out on what’s to come from this phenomenal artist.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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