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The Dares - “No Way Out”

The Dares have just released their new alternative/rock single, “No Way Out”! 

“No Way Out” is intriguing and has depth to it that I have come to love and appreciate from The Dares; Each line is powerfully written and thought-provoking. 

As a fan of The Dares for over 10 years, there has never been new music from them that I haven’t been excited about. With lyrics that are always complex and meaningful, joined by dynamically imaginative instrumentals, The Dares impress every time.

“This song is about feeling trapped in your current situation. It begins with the singer looking back on how he got there. "With a mouth full of strange words, I keep talking myself down." By the chorus you're longing for an earlier time. "Let's take this back where we started new..." and ends with feeling trapped again "one way in, no way out". This song also touched themes of unhealthy escapism and the need to avoid self harm.”

If you haven’t listened to The Dares before, “No Way Out” is a wonderful introduction into the riveting art that they create. There is profundity to explore throughout each track they release. 

Check out “No Way Out” and follow The Dares: 

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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