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VALÉ - “so called friends”

Indie-pop singer VALÉ’s catchy new single, “so called friends,” addresses the absence of true depth and connection with the people who should understand you best.

The Colombian artist explains that she was inspired by American pop and R&B at a young age, and these sounds are prominent in her music today. VALÉ’s lusciously charismatic vocals are accompanied by her engaging, thought-provoking lyrics. This song will encourage you to reevaluate the relationships in your life.

“so called friends” is an honest expression about lack of communication and pretending everything is fine, while the friendship doesn’t go beyond surface level. It feels like you’re losing a bond that might not have ever really been there to begin with.

This track follows VALÉ’s 2020 debut with her first three singles. We’re excited to hear more from this talented artist soon!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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