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LOVE and LOSS is the debut EP from Arizona-based American rock band, IAMWE.

1. Thinking About You
 2. You’re the One
 3. You Got Me
 4. Everything About You
 5. I See You

IAMWE is one of those bands that you instantly become captivated by. From frontman/singer Nate’s rousing vocals that are so pure and vibrant, to the perfectly executed sounds produced by Shane (rhythm guitar), Erik (bass), Ryan (lead guitar), and Josh (drums), IAMWE’s music leaves you speechless while simultaneously belting out the brilliantly written lyrics.

The LOVE and LOSS EP is an ideal balance of slow, powerful, almost ballad-esque songs and ones that are energetic, upbeat, but equally as passion-filled. They executed their debut EP stunningly well and everyone who listens is going to become just as enthralled.

‘Everything About You’ and ‘I See You’ are two songs on LOVE and LOSS that really tugged at my heartstrings. You can feel Nate’s emotions as he passionately sings the lyrics to ‘I See You’; not only that but you can feel them within the music as well. In ‘Everything About You’, along with the very sweet, love-driven lyrics, there is this incredible sound that creates a strange sense of nostalgia.

‘You Got Me’, ‘Thinking About You’, and ‘You’re the One’ are definitely leaning towards the upbeat side of LOVE and LOSS. ‘You Got Me’ is a song about giving everything but it’s still not enough and you’re struggling to let go.‘Thinking About You’  has this very funky and spirited sound that I can imagine being a crowd favorite at shows. ‘You’re the One’ has similar elements as ‘Thinking About You’, but it gives off this deeper vibe that is really badass and sexy.

Sometimes the correlation between album titles and the content on the album is hard to detect. With the LOVE and LOSS EP, there is a prominent theme running throughout where you feel and understand both “Love” and “Loss”.

The band explains that, “IAMWE means, together. It’s not just I but Us as a community that makes life, love, and music possible”; they appreciate those who support them and they want them to be a part of everything they do as a band. They also value their friends/fans opinions on things such as merch designs and video concepts. IAMWE is definitely a band that is all about the music and their fans. How cool is that?

Check out their music video for ‘You’re the One:'

LOVE and LOSS is just the beginning of the highly anticipated journey that IAMWE is about to embark on. They are going to continue to write and release music as often as they can to keep content flowing for the world to enjoy.

Check out IAMWE’s debut EP LOVE and LOSS available now, and follow them on these places around the internet to stay updated on everything they are about to do: Twitter Facebook Instagram iTunes YouTube Soundcloud Spotify

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  • Alex Kilgore

The Infinite Eights are an incredible alternative band from Florida made up of frontman Parker Wilkson, Davin Norman on bass, and drummer Tyler Hanks. It is so refreshing to find a band that is very genuine, appreciative, and they actually take the time to build a strong connection with their fans (friends). Not only that, but The Infinite Eights make some insanely good music. In mid-December 2015, they released Unfound EP.

 1. Unfound
 2. I Still Think of Her
 3. On Your Own
 4. Calling out 
5. Undone 
6. She Had Written

What I really enjoyed about this EP is that it is essentially easy listening but packs a powerful punch fueled by intense depth and emotion. Take the time to focus on the lyrics while enjoying the overall intoxicating sound that The Infinite Eights have created. The songs on Unfound are filled with great writing, and that needs recognition.

Something that I also discovered while listening to Unfound is that each song can stand on its own; meaning that while they all work beautifully together to structure a uniform EP, they are all distinct in their characteristics. And a big plus is that The Infinite Eights did most of the work themselves on this EP; which I find to be very admirable for a young band to take on this task and to ultimately be very successful at it. 

Similar to other artists you might have read about here on Untold Music Promotion, what is truly outstanding about The Infinite Eights is that they have put out an EP where it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for me to decide which track is my favorite. Go ahead and listen and see if you’re able to do so.

Watch our interview with the band where they talk about songwriting, having a deeper connection with music, their relationship with fans, what an Infinite Eights show is like, and more:

You have a lot to look forward to when it comes to The Infinite Eights this year. Keep checking back on UMP and on The Infinite Eights’ social media pages to stay current on all of the exciting times ahead.

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