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  • Eighty Ninety - “Better As Friends”

    Eighty Ninety have just released their new single, “Better As Friends”, and it is vividly vulnerable. I’ve been a big fan of Eighty Ninety since their 2016 debut EP, Elizabeth, and I am always delighted to feature them on Untold Music Promotion whenever possible. As always, I am blown away by Eighty Ninety’s immaculate storytelling. Can’t wait to hear Eighty Ninety’s forthcoming sophomore EP!

  • Eighty Ninety - “Dream”

    Making their third appearance on UMP, it’s always a great honor to write about Eighty Ninety; and I’m especially thrilled to present their newest single, “Dream”! In the flowy and exhilarating song, Eighty Ninety accentuates the notion of dreams vs. memory vs. reality. Be sure to follow Eighty Ninety at the places below, and keep an eye on UMP so you don’t miss it!

  • Eighty Ninety – “Your Favorite Song”

    “Your Favorite Song”, the first single from Eighty Ninety’s upcoming EP release, incorporates refreshing and relatable elements that I simply can’t get enough of. Eighty Ninety are becoming notorious for their perfectly descriptive lyric writing; enabling this ability to create a visual image in the minds of the listeners. “Your Favorite Song” shows Eighty Ninety’s growth from their debut EP, Elizabeth, while still allowing the best qualities of the group to remain strong and vibrant. Note from Eighty Ninety: “Your Favorite Song” is about how a song can become so strongly associated with a person that it’s hard to separate them in memories.

  • Eighty Ninety - Elizabeth EP + Interview

    Eighty Ninety is a massively clever alt-pop duo from Brooklyn, and they just released their debut EP Elizabeth! Eighty Ninety are great lyricists and ‘Heartbreaker’ shows off that talent well. ‘Three Thirty’ is Eighty Ninety’s debut single released in March 2016 that has seen astounding success. We got to chat with Eighty Ninety a little bit about their new EP Elizabeth. What Eighty Ninety achieved with their Elizabeth EP is almost indescribable.

  • Eighty Ninety – “10k Summer Nights"

    I’m thrilled to have our first review in almost a year be dedicated to the incomparably talented, Eighty Ninety, and their new single, “10K Summer Nights!” Eighty Ninety’s recognizable, and always alluring, guitar intro pulls you in. You’ll read this in all of my reviews of Eight Ninety, but their writing style designs such colorful visuals; you’re fully immersed from start to finished. Check out “10K Summer Nights,” and Eighty Ninety at the places below!

  • The Infinite Eights - Unfound EP

    The Infinite Eights are an incredible alternative band from Florida made up of frontman Parker Wilkson, Davin Norman on bass, and drummer Tyler Hanks. It is so refreshing to find a band that is very genuine, appreciative, and they actually take the time to build a strong connection with their fans (friends). Not only that, but The Infinite Eights make some insanely good music. In mid-December 2015, they released Unfound EP. Tracks: 
 1. Unfound
 2. I Still Think of Her
 3. On Your Own
 4. Calling out 
5. Undone 
6. She Had Written What I really enjoyed about this EP is that it is essentially easy listening but packs a powerful punch fueled by intense depth and emotion. Take the time to focus on the lyrics while enjoying the overall intoxicating sound that The Infinite Eights have created. The songs on Unfound are filled with great writing, and that needs recognition. Something that I also discovered while listening to Unfound is that each song can stand on its own; meaning that while they all work beautifully together to structure a uniform EP, they are all distinct in their characteristics. And a big plus is that The Infinite Eights did most of the work themselves on this EP; which I find to be very admirable for a young band to take on this task and to ultimately be very successful at it. Similar to other artists you might have read about here on Untold Music Promotion, what is truly outstanding about The Infinite Eights is that they have put out an EP where it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for me to decide which track is my favorite. Go ahead and listen and see if you’re able to do so. Watch our interview with the band where they talk about songwriting, having a deeper connection with music, their relationship with fans, what an Infinite Eights show is like, and more: You have a lot to look forward to when it comes to The Infinite Eights this year. Keep checking back on UMP and on The Infinite Eights’ social media pages to stay current on all of the exciting times ahead. Website Twitter Facebook 
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  • Queue - Frames EP + Interview

    Really digging Swimming Tapes, Ten Fé, our dudes Eighty Ninety, and Tall Heights at the moment.