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Alex Angelo - “Mirror”

Ohio-based artist Alex Angelo is making a positive impact with his recent single, “Mirror”. 

Within the first few seconds, the track’s catchy pop instrumentals are immediately gripping. Angelo has had a passion for djing from a young age, and that is felt throughout the overall sound. Not only is that aspect of “Mirror” pleasing to listen to, it also accompanies the meaningful lyrics and Angelo’s inviting vocals perfectly. 

Angelo explains that, “it’s one of my songs that has a message - encouraging people to take a hard look at themselves, and the people they surround themselves with. We are so affected by our circles. Don’t change for anyone else.” 

Watch the official music video for “Mirror”: 

The delivery of this message is subtle, but powerful. “Mirror” is a nice reminder to stay vigilant about who is around you and what they’re contributing to your life and happiness.

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