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Allison Mahal - "Mustangs"

Allison Mahal just released her second single, “Mustangs,” candidly expressing an unbalanced heartbreak.

Vivid storytelling in a letter/diary style allows “Mustangs” to grasp the attention of those who listen. It’s about a situation where a break up doesn’t impact both people equally.

I’ve been side swept and so far removed from everything I thought I knew.”

Mahal is reflective, reliving past memories and emotions, while also pondering the present and future. It’s natural to wonder how someone is doing, and have questions about how their life turned out.

The smooth instrumentals in “Mustangs” complement Mahal’s woeful vocals and lyrics elegantly. Although it might not specifically be a Mustang, many people will connect with the sentiment of having that one distinct thing that will always remind them of someone. Mahal brings this idea to life in such a beautiful, sincere, and relatable way.

Allison Mahal’s debut EP, Me Now, is to be released in early January. You can listen to the first single and title track here.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion

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