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Austin Markham - Me. EP

Me. is upcoming pop/R&B artist Austin Markham’s debut EP, which vulnerably portrays important experiences throughout his life.

“Look At Me Now,” Austin’s first single, has already captured attention with over 22k streams on Spotify. His Shawn Mendes vibe was what initially pulled me in, but the captivating lyrics that reflect on overcoming past negativity and doubt, is what made me eager to hear the rest of this project. “Look At Me Now” is a strong opening track that features impactful vocals, and new found confidence that expresses how much things have changed for the better. Austin wants the cynics to see where he is now, and what they missed out on.

With a dreamy and airy intro, “Changed” is a bold and edgy track about not putting up with the same things anymore. It feels empowering and exudes a sense of self-worth; not settling for a toxic life. “Changed” is just as good as the songs you hear on the radio today by some of the biggest names.

“This EP is the start of my story, something so personal and true to who I am and what I stand for. This is the first time I have shared my feelings about growing up without a father, the first time I have boldly said “look at me now”, and the first for so many things.” - Austin

“Not Okay” flows through a range of emotions while addressing what it was like to grow up without his dad. The hurt, the anger, the resentment… all of those raw feelings are abundantly present. My favorite lyric is, “the gift of forgiveness isn’t yours, it’s mine.” I really enjoyed how Austin included lines that were spoken instead of sung, because it added even more depth. I think this is a song a lot of people are going to relate to and connect with.

The final track, “Gon’ Be Alright,'' has these fantastic instrumentals that combine acoustic and jazzy R&B elements. The message is about looking at the bright side and holding on for the happier days. This song is very sweet, and will lift your spirits. “Gon’ Be Alright'' perfectly rounds out the EP.

Austin Markham is definitely a special artist with immense talent. Me. is a remarkable debut for him, and I’m so excited for people to truly discover his art.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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