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Bobby Mares – “Don’t Wanna Get Over U”

Following the exceptional response of “Only U", Bobby Mares has released his second single, “Don’t Wanna Get Over U”.

Notably a big fan of bands like Blink-182, that influence comes through in both tracks – and I’m stoked about it. “Don’t Wanna Get Over U” is the experience of trying to hold on to something that is clearly fading; and of course the unforgettable memories don’t make the process any easier. You can intensely feel emotion in every word, accompanied by relatability in the lyrics, and instrumentals that exude the kind of vibe that makes you keep coming back to listen again and again.

No spoilers, but the final two lines (in the last 14 secs) were placed perfectly, and ended the song with such a powerful moment.

Something admirable about Bobby Mares is the vibrancy of passion, energy, and hard work he’s putting into this art. He has a genuine bond with his supporters, and the way this music has deepened their connection is heartwarming. Immediately after “Don’t Wanna Get Over U” went live on streaming services, reaction videos came pouring in with listeners showing how this track touched them. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Can’t wait for more!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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