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Cas Cleo - twenty-four EP

Cas Cleo, an indie-pop artist from Nashville, releases her debut EP, twenty-four!

twenty-four is a charismatic collection of tracks that cover topics such as family, self-doubt, relationships and even death. These were the things that were on Cas’s mind this past year at age 24. The EP as a whole is wonderfully cohesive and easy to resonate with.

A songwriter from a young age, Cas Cleo has developed an immense talent from storytelling in her music. She explains, “I believe lyrics are the most important part of a song, which is why my songs are more light and airy than anything else, so the production doesn’t overpower the lyrics.”

“Pinned Up Butterfly'' is emotionally captivating with its illustrative expression. While she’s reflecting on a personal and painful loss, a beautiful sweetness remains throughout. Nostalgia continues in “Old Days,” which is about being grateful for the moments you didn’t appreciate until you looked back on them. The detailed lyrics are enjoyable to follow along to, and they inspire the listener to take a break from the rush of life to remember where they’ve been and who was there through it all.

Charmingly short and simple, “Friends'' is an honest and vulnerable track in the style of an open letter. Expressing the feeling of wanting more with someone, having regrets about how things ended up, and the heartbreak that comes with unrequited love. “Long Sleeves” also speaks to a similar disappointment. “[It] was written when I felt that I needed to leave a toxic relationship. Finished it a month later when this person left me first for someone else,” reflects Cas. Haunted by memories but knowing that moving on is for the best, this beautiful and introspective song is filled with relatable lyrics about finding strength amongst the hurt. It’s my favorite on twenty-four.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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