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Chasing Down Sunset - A Proper Introduction EP

I’ve been looking for a band like Chasing Down Sunset for a long time, and their new EP A Proper Introduction is very impressive!

Tracks: 1. Words / Phrases 2. Dear You 3. Copper Pulse 4. Positivity in Transit

Chasing Down Sunset is a young band from New Jersey with a solid pop punk sound. Jimmy Fasulo (vocals), Jill Beckett (guitar/vocals), Dan McCool (drums), Ryan Ross (bass) and Zion Dixon (guitar) are similar to bands I listened to in late 2000’s (such as We Are The In Crowd), CDS is exactly the kind of band I’ve been looking for. After the first play through of A Proper Introduction, when I didn’t know all the words yet, the music of each track kept playing in my head for hours, which made me actually go back and put the EP on repeat – and to me that’s a sign of a band that knows how to hook their audience and reel them in. So kudos for that!

‘Words / Phrases’ has a simple yet attention getting first few seconds. What I like most about this track is that it’s not over the top, which generates a more effective result. It is expressive of devotion/dedication and has an infectious melody that stays with you even when the song ends. Not one member gets lost within the song, and it seems like everyone is able to stand out but at the same time blend and uniformly create a fantastic opening track to A Proper Introduction. ‘Words / Phrases’ was able to leave such a captivating impact that I quickly knew I’d like this band.

‘Dear You’ specifically reminds me of music that was at its peak in the late 2000s, and again I reference bands such as We Are The In Crowd. I really adore vocalist/guitarist Jill Beckett in this track, and the concept of it being a metaphorical letter to someone. Two stand out lines for me are: “karma comes around, one way or another” and “you manipulate, then you turn away, and pretend it’s all okay”. Their youthful energy and imagination is refreshing and really shines. Warning: the chorus will get stuck in your head. Check out Chasing Down Sunset’s music video for ‘Dear You’ below:

With a noticeably edgier sound, and potent vocals that gave me chills, ‘Copper Pulse’ was a track that I didn’t see coming, but was a completely satisfying addition to the EP. I felt a lot of passion from Chasing Down Sunset in this track, and it features the intensity I was hoping I’d get from them. I know CDS wanted to release this EP because they finally found the right band members after their previous EP And A Step Forward (2015), and it was their chance to give their music “a proper introduction”. It’s especially clear in ‘Copper Pulse’ how well each member is crucial to their sound and how seamlessly they blend together. For such a young band to have discovered this dynamic is truly inspiring.

‘Positivity in Transit’ is the slowest track on the EP with its promptly alluring components and this indescribable delicate yet strong vibe to it. Chasing Down Sunset showcased a slightly different side to them with this song, and they executed it brilliantly. Lyrics are very important to me, and I have to acknowledge how well written this track in particular is. ‘Positivity in Transit’ is precisely the song that was needed on A Proper Introduction to balance everything and round out an EP that will surely impress anyone who listens. Congratulations guys, you couldn’t have introduced yourselves better!

Chasing Down Sunset has a few dates left on their current tour, but there are more to come so keep an eye out HERE and on their other social media below. You don’t want to miss out on Chasing Down Sunset’s journey – because trust me, it’s going to be a good one.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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