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Driveaway - "Is This Letting Go?"

Gainesville-based indie pop group Driveaway’s new single, “Is This Letting Go?” speaks to feeling broken in the most captivatingly dreamy way.

Driveaway ardently conveys what it's like to not be able to effectively communicate. Pinpointed on the frustration that comes with feeling unheard, but finally accepting that it's beneficial to focus on yourself. Incorporating profoundly moving vocals and epic, gorgeous instrumentals, “Is This Letting Go?” is an emotional journey.

There are moments of soft, soothing elements to this track that are sweet and simple, but also outrageously impactful. “Is This Letting Go?” expresses introspective and staggering thoughts idyllically.

This was my first introduction to Driveaway. After perusing their previous releases, I’m even more impressed. Beyond stoked to keep tabs on this incredible band. They are definitely a new favorite here at Untold Music Promotion.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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