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Eighty Ninety – “10k Summer Nights"

We’re back!

I’m thrilled to have our first review in almost a year be dedicated to the incomparably talented, Eighty Ninety, and their new single, “10K Summer Nights!”

What “10K Summer Nights” delivers is a properly upbeat track for summer, that is both sweet and a bit tragic. Eighty Ninety’s recognizable, and always alluring, guitar intro pulls you in. You’re quickly blessed with mesmerizing vocals and lyrics that express a perfectly written message to someone that is no longer present; it’s an acknowledgment of previously made promises.

Despite the potential to be haunting at times, memories shared between two people remain indefinitely. You’ll read this in all of my reviews of Eight Ninety, but their writing style designs such colorful visuals; you’re fully immersed from start to finished. Everything about them is phenomenal, but that aspect is my favorite.

Check out “10K Summer Nights,” and Eighty Ninety at the places below!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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