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Eighty Ninety – “Your Favorite Song”

“Your Favorite Song”, the first single from Eighty Ninety’s upcoming EP release, incorporates refreshing and relatable elements that I simply can’t get enough of.

Eighty Ninety are becoming notorious for their perfectly descriptive lyric writing; enabling this ability to create a visual image in the minds of the listeners. It highlights ideas of being taken back to special moments through music. 

Although “Your Favorite Song” undoubtably allows others to reminisce about similar experiences, there’s a prominent intrigue to follow along with the journey that is wonderfully presented throughout this track. 

There’s a subtle rollercoaster of expression, with a focus on warm memories turning bittersweet.“Your Favorite Song” shows Eighty Ninety’s growth from their debut EP, Elizabeth, while still allowing the best qualities of the group to remain strong and vibrant.

Note from Eighty Ninety

“Your Favorite Song” is about how a song can become so strongly associated with a person that it’s hard to separate them in memories. It’s like a glue that holds together that person, place and time in your life, all wrapped up in a song. In this case, the song was on repeat in the car all summer, and so it became an unofficial soundtrack to my time with a person. I also feel like there are certain people who remind me of songs I love - people I find myself wanting to come back to again and again. Even if only in memory.

Can’t wait to hear the EP!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion 


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