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Goldkey – Background EP

Completely stoked and honored to write about Goldkey’s new Background EP!

“In the Background” quickly reminded me of “Love on the Weekend” by John Mayer. As usual, there’s no shortage of great acoustic guitar strumming. “In the Background” incorporates fun lyrics with gripping vocal delivery. It’s about being “stuck in the background,” but making the best of it and acknowledging all of the pros of being there. Very impressed by the layers of sound.

Something that you’ll immediately notice is that all of Goldkey’s music has such a comforting aspect to it. There’s a strong understanding and relatability exuded throughout each piece.

Next comes “Rabbit Hole”, which carries more of a beachy vibe, with adventurous undertones. Again, it gives a message of things not being easy, but there’s a reason for being there. “I’d rather be a little bit scared, than be a little far gone” is the perfect line to express what this song is about. Extremely well written, easy to listen to, but so impactful when you really focus on the words. Love the intense instrumentals around the 2:45 mark that fade out and come back with uplifting notes.

The long, sweet instrumental intro in “Galaxy” instantly charmed me . A notion of needing to let go, and wanting a fresh start. Wonderful classic sound, almost ambient, that is fitting for the “Galaxy” title. It’s everything I could’ve hoped for: floaty, dreamy, existential. Enjoy with eyes closed.

“Afraid of Love” grasps your attention with a catchy beat, followed by detailed lyrics that are captivating and hopeful. This track evokes the best emotions, and it’s definitely one I’m going to keep coming back to. Every element allows “Afraid of Love” to be a song you can quickly connect with. You’re happily drawn in, and I was thrilled it was over 6 minutes long.

I found “Prominent Moon” to be highly poetic, and the descriptive language creates powerful imagery. There’s something so special about this track, that my words couldn’t possibly do it any justice. Goldkey’s vocals stood out here, and it’s a stunning way to finish the EP. Wow.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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