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Goldkey - “Mountain”

New York City artist Goldkey has released his debut single, “Mountain”!

Coined as having a “modern, indie perspective”, Goldkey is a singer-songwriter with smooth vocals and beautifully played guitar. Although there are slight nods to noted influences such as Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, Goldkey has put forth a track that uniquely shows who he is. Which is, evidently, the kind of artist who wants to make music that is meaningful to him, but still holds the potential to affect and resonate with those who listen.

The relaxed qualities of “Mountain” are enchanting and give off a refreshing warmth. John Mayer vibe, anyone? Definitely a song that’s desirable to play on repeat for hours. You can sense the unsettling feelings of being displaced, and the lyrics are poetically contemplative.

There’s a yearning for clarification throughout the track; wanting to find a place where life can be brought back into your soul. “Mountain” is absolutely stunning in every way possible.

This is clearly just the start for Goldkey and his remarkable talent. So be sure to follow him on social media – you don’t want to miss what’s to come!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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