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HAAS - “Headfirst”

“Headfirst,” the newest release from singer-songwriter HAAS, ignites a rush of inspiring, bold bravery.

Credit: Holly Turner

The talented artist's unique music is an inviting combination of colorful lyrics and catchy melodies. HAAS explains that she originally started music as a way to escape. She elegantly touches upon not only insecurity and self-doubt, but also strength and freedom. There is an uplifting and powerful vibe to this piece that can’t be ignored.

This is perfect for those who feel like they don’t see the world the same way that others do. “Headfirst” is described as “a single about being a fearless dreamer in a misunderstanding environment.” HAAS was able to take personal experiences and turn them into a song that many can connect with - including those like me who may not necessarily feel that courage.

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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