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Jeremy M - "boys don't cry"

Yorkshire-based singer/songwriter Jeremy M impresses with his strong and poignant new single, “boys don’t cry.”

This alt-pop song is Jeremy M’s first full single. It communicates the frustration that comes with not feeling heard and having expectations placed on you to become someone that you’re not. “boys don’t cry” was self-recorded and produced in the bedroom of his childhood home with his younger brother. Jeremy M collaborated with Pannik who contributed the electrifying guitar solo at the end.

Jeremy M addresses toxic masculinity and the way young children are often dismissed and taught to suppress their emotions. Interestingly, the intent behind “boys don’t cry” switched from conveying a personal family experience, to being an “open letter to the patriarchal constructs of our society.”

photo credit: Nigel Muluka

While seemingly simple, the message is so profound and complex. Jeremy M’s vocals are perfectly expressive and impactful. A topic often ignored, I think it’s important to shine a light on this negative mindset and perception placed onto children at such a young age. Hopefully with bringing more attention to the issue, this cycle will be less prominent and future generations can be free from it.

There’s something familiar about the instrumentation and cadence, which quickly sparks a connection to the track. The lyrics are poetic and powerful.

It was hopeless / Didn’t notice / We were lost and afraid / We hide all our gold in towers of stone / With all of our struggles and shame.

Jeremy M’s debut EP is it too late? is slated for release in October, so be sure to follow him at the links below so you don’t miss out!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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