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Joey McIlvain – My Family Doesn’t Even Like Me EP

Tracks: 1. My Family Doesn’t Even Like Me 2. Therapy 3. Control Me (ft. Matthew Grant) 4. Lesson Learned 5. How To Feel

Joey McIlvain is the perfect example of how to create somber but energetic pop music. With his EP, My Family Doesn’t Even Like Me, you’re instantly drawn into every word, while the beats are enchanting.

“My Family Doesn’t Even Like Me” has the best distinctive intro. The more you listen, the more captivated you become; every element is intoxicating. Lyrics ask if you can relate, and I believe a majority of people will resonate with the sentiment. Although the EP starts with hints of self-deprecation, it progresses nicely as you make your way to the final track.

Placing blame on yourself is the main subject of “Therapy”. This track is extremely vulnerable and a bit heartbreaking. There are feelings of insecurity and being paranoid about how people perceive you and certain situations. It’s beautifully written, and represents a familiar experience.

From what I could gather, “Control Me” is a crowd favorite. It’s a different tone than what has been expressed so far. There’s an unapologetic vibe, and a sensual sound. All about taking charge of your life again. Matthew Grant’s vocals are incredibly smooth and match with McIlvain’s effortlessly.

Continuing the defiant and confident theme we heard in “Control Me”, the track I’m most obsessed with on My Family Doesn’t Even Like Me is “Lesson Learned”. To put it simply, it’s just so badass. The fact that it’s short and to the point increases the power it holds. Joey, you killed it.

There’s something about acoustic music that will always make my soul happy. “How To Feel” is a combination, and maybe slightly a wrap-up, of the emotions throughout the first four songs. McIlvain’s voice is absolutely stunning and the passion is intensely evident. I really enjoyed the sincerity in the lyrics.

I finally had the chance to meet up with Joey, and see his show in Stockton, CA at Channel Brewing Co. last week. Upon arrival, I was blown away by him and how he carried himself. He went the extra mile to make sure everyone felt appreciated. His desire to build genuine connections with those who support him, and the generosity he shows, is incomparable to anyone else I have ever worked with.

McIlvain brilliantly engaged the crowd, and his stage presence is remarkable. He played My Family Doesn’t Even Like Me, as well as a few acoustic covers – such as “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes. Matthew Grant, featured on “Control Me”, was also there and they performed together:

I’m excited and thankful to support Joey McIlvain. Hope you feel the same.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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