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Joey McIlvain – “Summer”

A song called “Summer”… during Winter? That’s the first thing that caught my attention about Joey McIlvain’s new track.

It begins with sweet instrumentals (amazing), followed by Joey’s recognizable and captivating vocals which guide you through “Summer’s” perfectly descriptive lyrics.

pretty place with ugly memories

This song is a combination heartbreak, moving forward, and longing for certain people and memories that seem to endlessly linger.

Joey has created something that makes you feel; his emotions come through with such strength. “Summer” evokes relatability, where many listeners will be able to connect it to moments in their own lives.

At the surface, some might say it has a simple sound. But every piece has so much to unpack, and the amount of depth is truly incredible.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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