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John Maddrey - "Pictures"

Singer/songwriter John Maddrey’s dreamy new single, “Pictures,” inspires listeners to celebrate and express their beautiful, unique colors.

The 20-year-old Charlotte-based artist puts his focus on lyricism and melodic creativity, and chooses not to box himself into a specific genre. Throughout his music, there are notable influences of genres like rock and folk, but what takes precedence is his thoughtful songwriting. John’s warm vocals sing a gentle reminder of the importance of self-expression. “Pictures” is a wholesome track that is filled with such genuine love and encouragement. It’s for anyone who is feeling lonely, misunderstood, or just needs a little heartfelt nudge to remember how special they are.

“Paint your pictures any color, for all the world to see If your pictures get on their nerves, maybe they weren’t meant to see But I will tell you your pictures are lovely”

In contrast to John’s previous releases “Good Times” and “Hard to Find,” “Pictures” is more stripped down. The arrangement floats with grace and beauty, and the acoustic style helps to amplify the track’s message in an inviting, comforting way. John also impressively self-produced the track and the accompanying music video.

The traits that John embodies as an artist are truly admirable and endearing. While he’s working on building his discography, he’s also gearing up to play some local hometown shows in the future. Follow John Maddrey at the links below to stay updated on all of his adventures!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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