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Laura Zocca - “Better Off”

Hope you’re excited, because Laura Zocca’s new single “Better Off” has finally arrived!

Laura Zocca is fairly well-known for acoustic covers on YouTube, as well as her own original music. A quick perusal of the singer’s social media will show how dedicated and supportive her following is. The anticipation and hype of the brand new single was evident – and understandably so.

With a knack for writing meaningful lyrics that are packed with symbolism and truth, Laura’s polished voice gently guides you from beginning to end. Although she is constantly growing as a singer, songwriter and musician, those special qualities and skills we adore about her continue to remain strong in her newest track, “Better Off”.

Featuring a sort of country-inspired sound and vocals to match, the general concept is when you move on from a relationship with someone, and you’re realizing that being without them is actually okay. It’s that epiphany you have as those emotions start to dissipate and your mind clears. It makes you feel free, like you can finally breathe. Each line is so eloquent, straightforward, and somehow poetic all at the same time. If you’re like me and enjoy reading lyrics, you can watch the lyric video.

Laura Zocca works incredibly hard, and has a vibrant passion for creating art in the form of music and storytelling. Like what you heard with “Better Off”? Check out Laura at the places below! 

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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