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lostboycrow is described as, “a pop minded vocalists dark love affair with the world of modern R+B” – but he is impossible to define.

The incomparably talented artist has mesmerizing vocals, and lyrics featuring vivid details. Everything that comes from lbc has stunningly catchy vibes that keep you addicted.

It was an extremely intimidating decision to write about lostboycrow. Why? Because his music is both poetic and metaphorical, has incredible depth, and is hardly obvious or straightforward. His songs are stories that you’re happy to get lost in.

Although I just discovered lostboycrow back in February, I made it my mission to add every track I could find of his to a playlist; which has remained on repeat since. There’s no question that he has experienced a lot of growth and change as an artist. However, from earlier releases such as “Adolescent” or “C’est La Vie,” to new hits like “Spin the Globe” or “Real Name,” you can recognize the raw talent and innovative mindset that he has clearly always possessed.

lbc’s recent EPs, Traveler: The First Legend and Traveler: The Second Legend, are hands down my top two releases of 2017. I may or may not embarrassingly exclaim something like, “I LOVE THIS ONE” at the start of each track. They’re a perfect mix of contemplative, romantic, sultry, reminiscent, and much more. The passion exuded is unmeasurable, and it’s definitely something special.

At the last show on the Spin the Globe Tour with Prelow and DYSN (fantastic lineup), I had the chance to help sell merch. I can confidently say that lostboycrow is remarkably dedicated to what he does. He has such a beautiful relationship with his fans, and his positive, grounded energy is infectious; being around him is truly inspiring.

It’s artists like lostboycrow that I will forever want to support.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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