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  • Alex Kilgore

Luxtides – “Dreams”

Luxtides has released a brand new single titled, “Dreams.”

Credit: Shannen Bamford

This track certainly does not lack the exceptionally poetic characteristics I’ve come to adore from Luxtides. However, it is one of the first love-inspired pieces we’ve heard from her. With Ellie Goulding-esque vibes, the instrumentals provide a magnetic combination of dreamy, edgy, pop.

Got a voice like whiskey neat, and I’m hooked every time

Just one taste and I swear I’m gone

Credit: Shannen Bamford

The lyrics explore a new and uncharted euphoric connection, and Luxtides’ vocals radiate a sweet and passionately sung desire to bring the two souls together.

Luxtides continues to produce pure art, and it has been simply astonishing to listen to her progression as an artist the past few years.

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