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Luxtides - Flood Sounds EP

Luxtides has released her new EP, Flood Sounds

Credit: Steve Patrick // @StevePatrick

I believe Luxtides describes this body of work best: 

“Anger. Denial. Depression. Bargaining. Acceptance. The 5 stages of grief, one for each song, experienced slightly out of order.” 

Each track on Flood Sounds stands firmly on its own, but also blends so brilliantly together to create a stunningly cohesive EP. 

Credit: Erica Rallo // @erallphotography

“Echo”, “Fragile”, “Dark” and “Dreams” were all released as singles prior to the drop of Flood Sounds. This gave listeners time to deeply connect with the messages, and fall in love with Luxtides’s effortlessly gorgeous vocals, poetic lyrics, and addicting instrumental sound. 

Joining these singles is a new track called, “Salt”. Wanting to let go of the weight you’ve been carrying for too long, “Salt” is getting yourself out of that situation and standing in your powerful strength. Although this song is obviously very personal to Luxtides, it seems like the message could mean something different to each listener, depending on individual experiences.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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