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Mark Ambor - "The Long Way"

Indie-pop artist Mark Ambor’s “The Long Way” is a positive track about being patient and knowing that the good things in life are worth the wait.

The New York-based singer/songwriter and musician’s charming vocals are accompanied by sweet lyrics that are simple enough to quickly learn and sing along to. “The Long Way” endearingly expresses the willingness to let someone important to you take their time, while asking for help to “navigate” so that you’re still moving closer together instead of getting “lost in the distance."

With an incredibly catchy beat, satisfying guitar riffs and the inclusion of these cool breathy elements, it’s understandable how the track has already garnered so much buzz prior to the release. “The Long Way” is the type of song that sticks with you after hearing it.

You may recognize Mark’s name from going viral on social media for his original demos and cover videos. We definitely took notice of him earlier this year, and we’re so thrilled to see the profound success he has had so far. Can’t wait to continue watching him grow, and to hear more!

Follow Mark Ambor and listen to “The Long Way Home:”

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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