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Mike Taveira - “Karma” 

Los Angeles-based pop artist Mike Taveira has released his new single, “Karma”! 

Credit: David-Simon Dayan

“Karma” is simple but sends a strong message; it is a terrifically intriguing story that keeps you invested. Luscious instrumentals and Taveira’s silky R&B-pop style vocals combine to create a stingingly relatable mood. 

The lyricism is bewitching. As a listener, you immediately connect with this track. I not only resonated with “Karma”, but I also felt a sense of wanting to stand behind Taveira and support him.  

“Karma” is the breakup anthem for anyone who feels like their ex has yet received the karma they deserve. It’s for those of us who have been left broken and questioning the entire relationship, only for our ex-partner to seemingly move along in the world with no trouble.

Many of us have experienced a time where we thought “did karma take a break and forget about you?”, and endured the frustrating impatience that Taveira conveys. There are so many memorable lines in “Karma”, that you’ll find yourself not only singing along to this track on repeat, but it’s definitely set to be an earworm. 

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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