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Mimika - “Bandaid”

Canadian pop singer-songwriter Mimika’s new single, “Bandaid,” is a personal yet relatable piece about mental health and searching for ways to cope.

Mimika is developing a four-part series that reflects on different moments in her life. Chapter 1 featured her first single, “Rambling,” while Chapter 2 will include two new tracks, “Bandaid” and “In My Sleep.”

Mental health struggles and seeking a solution is the central theme of “Bandaid.” This song is easy to connect with, and for some listeners it just might be the message they’ve been waiting to hear.

“I hit a point a little while ago where I felt like no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get my mind under control. I did everything that I was supposed to do, but nothing felt like it was actually fixing the problem. ‘Bandaid’ is about that feeling and realizing that there’s no catch-all or easy fix when it comes to mental health and emotion”

Credit: Matt Oliveira

Mimika’s gorgeously dreamy vocals are comforting as they guide you through her journey of discovery and acceptance. Growing up, Mimika spent a lot of time creating stories and poetry, which is apparent throughout her illustrative lyrics. Her clever writing style allows “Bandaid” to be intriguing from the beginning.

The honest and vulnerable message accompanied by inviting instrumentals creates a safe space where you can feel understood. This is the type of song I wish I had when my mental health adventure started. It can be such a scary feeling, where you just want to fix the “problem” as quickly as possible. But as Mimika explains, the best thing you can do is to realize that it’s a process and you will find what works for you in time.

We are looking forward to discovering Mimika’s next chapters, and hearing her debut EP later this year.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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