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Mulan - Til I Start Feeling Alone EP

Pop artist Mulan releases her new introspective and emotionally gripping EP, Til I Start Feeling Alone.

“Sirens” features self-reflective and kind of harsh lyrics that illustrate being drawn to someone even with all the signs and warnings being placed right in front of you. Mulan explains that although this toxic relationship wasn’t as bad as previous ones, “something being less terrible than another thing doesn't make it good.” It’s relatable, compelling, and a brilliant way to begin the story portrayed in this EP.

Written over FaceTime with her friend Brendon Donoho, “U” is about being left with your loneliness and not knowing what to do with yourself after a breakup. Despite the pleasant instrumentation, the pain exuded is unmistakable. Mulan simply yet powerfully conveys the experience of feeling lost in life.

“The Land Beyond The Woods” is the type of song that’s fitting for a movie soundtrack. It combines a dreamy and hopeful Peter Pan type vibe with a message of wanting to leave the past behind and to be viewed differently. The line that touched me deeply was, I’m the villain in everyone’s story / just a lonely heartbreaker that’s all I’ll ever be. This track appears again as a live acoustic version, which is just as stunning. I am always partial to acoustic music, so this was a wonderful addition.

The title track, “Til I Start Feeling Alone,” incorporates Mulan’s beautiful vocals that shine with thoughts of empowerment and freedom mixed with the desire to have someone by her side. The songwriting throughout this EP is so engaging while stemming from such personal relationships, trauma and growth. She took almost a year break from social media to create this piece of art, and we’re happy to hear that through this process she has become more confident about who she is today.

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