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Mulan Throneberry - “Must’ve Been the Whiskey”

Nashville-based pop artist and songwriter, Mulan Throneberry, just released “Must’ve Been the Whiskey”. It’s the perfect track to show your ex that you’re over them. 

Described as an angsty, edgy pop song, “Must’ve Been the Whiskey” is about trying your best to outwardly appear like you’re fine and don’t need them, but it still aches a little on the inside.  Essentially, the blame is being put on the whiskey for the apparently false statements made during the good times, and for the resentful ending - in that moment, it seems like the only explanation. 

Mulan’s radiant vocals shine with raw emotions, while the charming storytelling reveals a tale of coming to the realization that “someone might have drunkenly lied about their true feelings.” The instrumentals are bouncy, intense and roaring. You can truly feel the chaotic experience of a heartbreak.

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion 


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