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Natalie Kroh - “Mulholland”

Natalie Kroh’s new single “Mulholland” shows love to the alluring pull of Los Angeles.

Kroh’s rich and soulful vocals are flawlessly accompanied by her luxurious contemporary R&B sound. “Mulholland” feels like a fresh take on the nostalgic 90s vibe, which is familiar and comforting, but also new and exciting.

This track is about being completely infatuated with a location, which in this case happens to be the City of Angels. Kroh uses lines such as “feels like home” and “I can’t believe I can call this city mine” to describe the feeling she gets while being there.

The talented artist also touches upon topics such as hard work, success, dreams, and ambition throughout “Mulholland.” She paints a vivid picture of what the atmosphere and energy is like in LA. This dynamic sensation is hard to bottle up and put into words, but Kroh successfully managed to give her listeners a glimpse into her colorful world.

There is something charmingly hypnotic about Kroh, and “Mulholland” is one of those songs that you will find on repeat. This is also true for her first two singles, “Thin Ice” and “Wakin’ Up.” Kroh knows how to expertly capture an audience and keep them coming back for more.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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