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Nick Isham - “Where Are You Now” + “In The Jungle”

Indie singer-songwriter Nick Isham recently released two new singles, “Where Are You Now” and “In The Jungle,” about the experience of looking for love and making it in a big city.

The Los Angeles-based artist’s acoustic pop sound is presented handsomely through his soulful voice and narrative songwriting.

Written with Zack Grossman and Sam Rhythm over FaceTime this past year, Isham reflects on the questions surrounding finding his person in “Where Are You Now.” He explains that the song comes from the swirling thoughts in his head such as, “what is she doing right now?” and “is she looking for me too?” The fun and catchy production mixes perfectly with Isham’s sweet and charming personality. It’s lyrically intriguing and you become invested in the adventurous search.

“In The Jungle” was inspired by the phrase “Welcome to the Jungle” which was displayed on his co-writer Emily’s moving boxes. This song feels incredibly real and relatable, with no shortage of passionate strength throughout. There’s something comforting about Isham’s vocals and the captivating story he sings about. “In The Jungle” is encouraging, and expresses that the thrillingly intimidating nature of Los Angeles isn’t for those who give up easily, but it’s worth it. Isham says they wrote this song for, “all the people who’ve always been told no, the fighters, the non-stop workers, the dreamers.”

Nick Isham is consistently putting out new music, so make sure to follow him so you don’t miss it!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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