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Nicky Moriarty - “Sky Is Yours”

New track called “Sky Is Yours” from Bay Area, California based singer-songwriter Nicky Moriarty!

Although Moriarty is always impressive, there’s no denying that “Sky Is Yours” puts forth something special. He has wisdom and maturity that can be felt throughout his music, and it’s admirable coming from such a young artist.

This track is a powerful ballad with soft vocals that obtain an endearing quality; you’ll be comforted by heartfelt and real lyrics. The pure instrumentals – like the gratifying guitar solo – effortlessly portray and emphasize the meaning behind “Sky Is Yours”. The tempo rises in all the right places, while the featured female vocals and influential melodies allow every element of the song to be present and memorable (song credits). Honestly, this is the type of music that will resonate with people in different ways. Everyone might have diverse interpretations, but still be able revel in its effects.

From the first listen, there was this pull of light that simply brought on a peaceful state of mind. As if your troubled thoughts begin to melt away thanks to the uplifting notes. Many of the lines could be easily quoted and become inspirational reminders, such as “but don’t you know the clouds give limit to the sky. But when it rains it pours and the sky is yours”.  Subtly expressing the good and the bad, and how they work together; all with little hints of romance and affection sprinkled in.

Please support Nicky Moriarty. He really is a great talent and you can definitely look forward to a lot more to come from him!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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