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  • Alex Kilgore

Piper Page - "Breadcrumbs"

NYC-based artist Piper Page’s new single, “Breadcrumbs,” is the perfect bite of nostalgia with the revitalization of early 2000's style pop/R&B music.

photo by ashly nicole

For those who haven’t heard the term “breadcrumbing” before, it basically means that someone has no intentions of fully committing, but never really letting go either. They’ll give you just enough little pieces here and there to keep you interested and coming back for more.

The instrumentation in “Breadcrumbs” isn’t too complex and feels almost comforting with the familiar early 2000’s style, accompanied by Piper Page’s vocals which exude emotions of slight frustration and disappointment, but also acceptance of the situation. “Breadcrumbs” was written about playing phone tag with an ex that she never really dated. As she explains in the lyrics, “I’m his just in case girlfriend.

photo by ashly nicole

“I wanted the relationship to be mutual and conversational

because breadcrumbing isn’t always one-sided. We’re saying to each other,

‘Hey, I know it’s been three months, but do you wanna fill the space in my head for tonight?’ It’s toxic, and probably bad for both of you, but it’s honest.”

It's the showing up again between relationships, the only messaging when it’s convenient in their life and making the other person hold onto hope that there will eventually be more. Piper Page refers to this type of relationship as “ex-almost-lovers” and I think that is brilliant. I have experienced this before, and “Breadcrumbs” will definitely resonate with a lot of listeners.

Be sure to follow Piper Page at the links below to stay updated on what she has planned! “Breadcrumbs” is the lead single from her upcoming debut album, Based on True Events, due to be released this summer. You don’t want to miss it!


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