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POLYDRIVE – “Take It All”

In POLYDRIVE’s new pop track, “Take It All,” smooth vocals quickly become undeniably alluring. Accompanied by lyrics that are a revealing of deep thoughts; addressing the complexity of devotion. I found this track to be extremely enticing, and you can’t help but crave the passion being exuded.

Don’t over think this

I’m still down to lift you up

Cause I wanna know what you need

I know that you’d do it for me

With the powerful instrumentals, you can feel the relationship’s intensity from start to finish. An endearing notion of wanting to take on all the negatives so that the other person doesn’t have to.

“Take It All” is charmingly written, and I will for sure have this one on repeat. Great job, guys!

Here’s more from POLYDRIVE:

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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