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Raine Stern - "So Precarious"

Raine Stern’s new single, “So Precarious,” fuses rich storytelling, grand instrumentation and dynamic vocal prowess.

If Raine Stern seems familiar, you may recognize her from being part of Nick Jonas’ team on Season 20 of The Voice. Eagerly following her calling to pursue music from the age of 11, Raine is the type of artist where it's blatantly obvious that this path is the one they’re meant to be on. John Legend said, “purpose, passion, and mission: that is what we feel from you” - and anyone who listens to Raine Stern will agree that Legend's statement is unequivocally true.

Describing Raine as a powerhouse is somehow both extremely accurate and also an understatement. Everything about her tone and vocal delivery is unique, goosebump-inducing and impressive. Writing and producing “So Precarious” herself, Raine’s multitude of talents are being showcased throughout the track.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve created with this song. It’s authentic, it’s original,

and it’s just the beginning. Come on this ride with me. I’m ready.”

The lyricism is poetic and almost enigmatic in the way that you excitingly get to decipher the meaning behind Raine’s words. It’s a complex and fascinating story, “[she] lets us in on the intimate details of past relationships, confessing how tempting and chaotic it can be to fall for someone who puts their art above all else - and how she is left with the blame when it becomes too much to handle for those who promised to love her.”

Now, let’s talk about all of the instrumental elements coming together with a big band feel that completely blows your mind?? Raine’s sound is a refreshing take on a style that is adored by many. One piece in particular that you absolutely cannot miss is Raine’s “signature” guitar playing. Adding a pop flare to this instantly groovy track was spectacularly executed. The whole arrangement is funky and feel-good… dancing along is unavoidable. Just when you think the peak has been reached, another bold moment comes along to surprise you.

If you’re as captivated by Raine Stern as we are, be sure to follow her at the links below to stay updated on the marvelous adventures to come for this special artist.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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