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RAIZEL recently released her new single, “BTW”, and it ignites massive excitement about the emerging pop artist. 

The initial feature you’ll notice about RAIZEL is her star quality. She is compellingly fierce with stunning vocals that gleam, and an addictive pop production. RAZIEL has developed a sharp, dynamic vibe and sound that is mesmerizing. 

Lyrically, “BTW” is such a modern, relatable track. It’s a blend of strong “big dick energy” and admirable vulnerability. It’s hard to take your eyes off of RAIZEL in the “BTW” music video. It is astral and futuristic in all the right ways. 

“BTW” is the first single from RAIZEL’s debut album, Space Ex. We’re stoked to hear the music she’ll be dropping in the coming months leading up to that. 

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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