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Rio Wiley - I Hate the Internet

Alt-pop artist Rio Wiley dropped his sophomore album, I Hate the Internet

I Hate the Internet is full of stimulating and mesmerizing instrumentals, while Rio Wiley’s vocals effortlessly guide you from beginning to end. It’s a brilliant combination of vibe and story. 

Tracks like “Roll Deep” showcase Wiley’s fearlessness in being forward and blunt with what he wants to say, but still remaining cautious. “She Bored” articulates the notion of trying to move on but getting sucked back in the second they’re bored; tired of waiting to finally be chosen. Fantastically catchy beat on this one. 

“Faded” is about the addictive nature of relationships, which is then followed by “Famous”, which talks about how social media makes it harder to have a clean break; it’s too easy to stay connected. “It’s compulsive and it’s boring” is a stand-out line.  I think a lot of us can relate to looking at someone’s photos/posts for too long after the ending. 

“Sell It”, “Carrera” and “Alex & Ani” exemplify giving everything to someone, but it’s not appreciated. “Hallowday” addresses feelings of being used, and only wanted when they don’t have someone else. But at the same time, allowing them to use you as a “holiday” from their normal life.

The 10 track album discusses what it’s like to be in and out of relationships in the digital age. It explores how the internet has merged with our lives in a way that allows us the freedom to simply unfollow someone to disconnect, but also binds us to the fact that people we used to love are merely a click away.

The title of “Voicemail” says exactly what this song is. It’s a voicemail recording about a roommate removal and new lease. Perhaps a symbol of a fresh start? Interesting concept! Great and unexpected addition to I Hate the Internet.

The placement of “Unfollow U” is perfect; after all of the hurt and disappointment exuded throughout the album, it’s relieving to know that it has finally been enough. 

Rio Wiley is such a creatively savvy artist, and I Hate the Internet is a testament to that. 

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