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ROJAZ - "Gravitating"

Experimental electro-pop artist ROJAZ’s recent single, “Gravitating,” is an ardently thrilling piece about the push and pull of a toxic relationship.

The Spanish born, London based singer is described as having “the ability to create atmospheres through narrative songwriting,” and that is unquestionably exemplified in this track. ROJAZ’s sultry vocals guide you through the lyrical story of two people who can’t resist one another.

“Gravitating” is fiery with its raw emotions and gripping instrumentals. ROJAZ executed artistic visuals that perfectly illustrate the addictive nature of the song. I highly recommend watching the music video to get the full effect and impact of “Gravitating.”

The track is depth-filled and intriguing on its own, but this video really fuels the magnetic intensity that the artist is aiming to convey.

In the past year, ROJAZ has released a handful of tracks, all of which contain the same level of charm and alluring qualities as “Gravitating.” We're also obsessed with her debut single, “Stuck on My Mind,” and can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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