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RVHEEM - "For You"

RVHEEM is a Liverpool-based alt R&B singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and he has just released his touching and meaningful new single, “For You.”

The message in “For You” is one that everybody should hear - it’s okay to not be okay. RVHEEM (pronounced 'Raheem') beautifully illustrates what it’s like to feel as though your emotions need to be pushed back and hidden. He explains that being vulnerable isn’t a weakness, and it should be viewed as a strength because it allows you to connect with others.

RVHEEM’s smooth vocals will leave you hooked on every word. I know I ain’t perfect / I got my flaws and my scars. This song is warm and comforting, in a way that’s profoundly special. The instrumentation is stunning, clean and uncomplicated, perfectly accompanying RVHEEM’s raw and passionate declaration of his desire to be better about sharing his genuine self.

We were very intrigued and impressed by a few different things when first introduced to RVHEEM. One being that he puts the intended message as the priority rather than boxing himself into staying within a specific genre. Another great attribute is that he is also an activist, aiming to raise awareness for how the music industry often impacts the mental health of artists. RVHEEM’s South Asian and East African heritage is also proudly displayed in his creative process.

Listen to “For You,” and make sure to follow RVHEEM to stay updated on what he’s working on! There is something captivating and rare about him, so we’re eager to follow his journey - and you should be too!

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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