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Shallow Pools - "Ice Water"

Massachusetts-based band Shallow Pools encapsulate the impacts of quarantine on mental health in their first single of 2021, “Ice Water!”

The four-piece has developed a satisfyingly cohesive and lustrous indie-pop sound in their short time as Shallow Pools. Formed in 2018, they already have their debut EP, Spring, and 4 other singles in their discography. Thankfully, they refused to let the tough year prevent them from continuing to release music, and decided to pull inspiration from the experience instead.

With a message surrounding the effects that prolonged seclusion has on our mental state, “Ice Water” is a fantastic track that is described as having “powerful, synth-driven melodies.” Shallow Pools waste no time by bringing instantly catchy instrumentals accompanied by well-written and relatable lyrics; introspective and impactful.

“Ice Water” is a departure from the music we’ve made in the past, but it’s the perfect bridge between our old and new sound. We wrote the song with our friend and producer, Chris Curran, and learned a lot about the type of music we want to be making in the process.”

Something about Shallow Pools makes them feel comforting and familiar. There is a nostalgic vibe in “Ice Water'' that feels a bit reminiscent of the “Perfect Day” by Hoku era, but obviously with a theme that’s more fitting for recent events. I really enjoyed the easygoing essence of this track - it is definitely an earworm.

“The song is about the impact that the state of the world has had on our mental health, specifically in the last year. We’re excited to share it and hope that anyone who has had similar experiences will find some comfort in knowing that there are others who can relate.”

Watch the “Ice Water” music video:

Shallow Pools have successfully put a lighthearted spin on the weird and repetitive life many of us dealt with in the past year. It helps to provide a sense of connection in a time where isolation seems to be more prominent than ever before. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Shallow Pools’ music. They truly have such a captivating glow about them that is so refreshing.

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion

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