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Ships Have Sailed – “Stay”

Credits: Photography by Andrei Duman, Typography by Jody Talmadge, Makeup by James Elle

Ships Have Sailed has described their new single, “Stay” as having a “slightly retro aesthetic,” and that couldn’t be more accurate. It perfectly intensifies the lyrics, which articulate a declaration of commitment, with incredibly thoughtful observations of little details about someone.

This is the type of song that might spark memories with a very specific person in your life. You’ve been warned!

Credit: Gentle Giant Digital

"We all have that person, if we're lucky more than one, who we know will stick with us no matter what...your ride or die. With 'Stay', I wanted to bottle that feeling into a dreamy, slightly retro aesthetic...we couldn't be more excited to release this song into the world and feel people react” – Will

Here is the Official Music Video for “Stay”:

The video is fun, heartwarming, and evokes such pleasant and comforting emotions. It’s shot in an “indie movie” style where there are a lot of reminiscent aspects that really add to the overall depth and charisma.

Here is where you can find more from Ships Have Sailed:

Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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