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Simon Lunche - “Red Delicious” 

Singer/songwriter and producer Simon Lunche has released his newest single, “Red Delicious”! 

“Red Delicious” is a tempting combination of Simon Lunche’s charmingly smooth vocals, his signature romantic, desiring lyrics, and magnetic instrumentals. His songwriting prowess shines brightly throughout the track. 

“At its core, this song is about loneliness. Feeling so alone that you’re daydreaming only of being wrapped so tightly in somebody else’s loving that it’s almost toxic. That 'Kiss me ’till it’s hard to breathe' type love.” 

Lunche has the type of voice that ignites butterflies every time. I describe artists like this as having the ability to sing a phonebook and people would still swoon. Listeners can’t help but become completely captivated. 

Notable track credits include Lunche, who wrote and produced the track himself, accompanied on bass and drums by LA’s best session musicians including Sean Hurley (John Mayer) and Aaron Sterling (Harry Styles, John Mayer). The final mix by Dave Reitzas (Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, The Weeknd) added just the right finishing touch.

Official Music Video: 

Without a doubt, “Red Delicious” will be on repeat. New Simon Lunche album, Never Knew The Night to drop in September. 

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Alex Kilgore, Untold Music Promotion


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